New Dates for Shooting
June 14, 2009, 8:38 pm
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The major shooting dates for the zombie film have changed from July 5th-11th to July 20th-24th and July 25th-28th.

The 20th-24th will include the larger scale work involved in the production.

i.e. Shots outside of Tulsa.  Shots with multiple extras.  Shots outside.

July 25th-28th will include wrapping up bits such as the intro work with David Rainwater who is unavailable until that time and second unit work.  I’m sure this will spill over a bit though due to ADR work that will be ongoing during editing which will go into full gear on August 1st.

Any comments or questions are appreciated, please stay updated and if you do not think that I have your contact info please e-mail it to me, we need all the extras and behind the scenes help we can get.

The positions filled as of now are

Director, Cinematographer, Editer- Myself

Assistant Director- Andrew Sherrill

4 Main Stars- Trent Davis, Phillip Chapman, David Rainwater, Jesse Barnes

2 Scripted Actors.

We need Extras and Crew members, specifically makeup.  We will be using a Lowel Lighting Kit, most likely a Lowel Light Kit with three pieces and an Azden SGM- 2X Shotgun Mic that will most of the time be mounted on my camera, but when it is not we will need steady hands to operate the mic mounted on a boom.

It is getting serious and it is fast approaching, until that time I will do my best to update and to revise and plan to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day.


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