50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
September 8, 2008, 3:04 am
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I write to you as the credits are still rolling for a reason.

This movie came up from behind and nipped me in the ass, it was great and very funny.


This directorial debut from Jordan Hawley starring Paul Schneider perfectly reflects the main characters attitude.  The whole time you are on the edge of your seat thinking, this is going to suck, something will go terribly wrong, but thankfully IT DOES NOT.  This charming romantic comedy takes the similar rode that most romance comedies take, but something is different.  Although the music and the cinematography leave you asking for a bit more, wonderful performances across the board, particularly on Schneiders part, really strengthen the film to make it a wonderful experience.  Very slight but comfortable twists keep you interested and there are these wonderful moments of comedy that really come up and suprise you. 

However flawed and seemingly shitty this film may appear, give it a chance, it’s sweet, funny, well written, and most of all well acted.  I expected less and was pleasantly suprised, one of my favorite emotions.

(also for a good suprise watch the Kelsey Grammar produced film The Good Humor Man)

**** (on a scale of 5 including half stars)


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I had always wondered whether or not this film was worth watching, but I knew I would ultimately end up doing so because of Schneider alone. Now, after hearing your nice comments on it, I am going to pick it up real soon and finally give it its chance.

Glad to see some of your opinions start to surface on here, Mr. Payton. They are most welcomed.

Comment by Ferguson

Great, it’s one of those movies that’s always on the fence, could go left or right. But it caught me at the right time and I’m very glad I watched it.

Comment by wordlesschorus

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